Shockey Family Newsletter

April 2013 - Volume 39

Editors: Marie F Shockey - 928 Ruppenthal Road - Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

Lesley L Shockey - 516 Independence Road - Sandyville, WV 25275

A part of the reunion group in front of the Shockeysville Church July 8th 2012

Hello Friends and Shockey Cousins

      It is time to make plans to attend the 2013 reunion. I am really late getting started on the newsletter for several reasons. Anything that could go wrong, it has. You remember that little Comic Strip Character that always had a black cloud hanging over his head? Well, that black cloud has followed me around for months and has paid some visits to Les too. Les had some computer problems and lost a lot of data that was intended for the newsletter. He got some of it back, but not all. Several weeks ago my computer just died. I finally got someone to work on it. They were able to retrieve most of my data but the newer version of Windows will not accept my mailing list program so I cannot correct or print addresses. A lot of folks have suggested that we put the newsletter on line. This time we have no choice. I do not know how this is going to work as there are folks that do not do computers. We may never be able to afford to mail them again. The cost has gone up and due to the economy, donations are down. I was 90 years old this past December. How long is a person my age going to be able to handle more than 1,000 newsletters, label them, bribe a grandson to load them in his car and take them to the Post Office and unload them? The mail permit is for this Post Office only. I spend weeks with my dining room full of boxes and the table covered with newsletters and sheets of labels. Les and I will do the best that we can, but Les has some problems that take priority over everything else. If he wants to share them with you, that is his choice.

      The 2013 Shockey Reunion will be held July 4, 5, 6, and 7 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Your host and hostess are John L. and Betty Shockey. John has reserved 45 rooms at the Best Western Hotel. The price of rooms are : 2 double beds, $74,00, King, $69.00, Double suite with sofa sleeper, $109.00, King suite with sofa sleeper, $105.00. You need to call early if you need a handicap room as most places have a very limited number. The cut off date for reservations at the group rate is June 20th. For reservations, call 1-800-228-3903. The address is Best Western Saddleback Inn, 4300 Southwest Third St. It is Exit 145 from I-40. If you travel by plane, there is a shuttle from the airport. I do not know the cost of that.

      Lunch on Sunday will be at Golden Corral which is 3 or 4 blocks from the motel. They have reserved a room for us that seats 75 people.

      If you have never been to Oklahoma, it will be a wonderful experience. There are lots of interesting things to see. I do not have a list of the places of interest, but I am sure the motel will.

      The 2012 reunion was held in Winchester/Shockeysville, VA. We stayed in the Hampton Inn and they did everything they could to make our stay enjoyable, and it was. There were about a dozen or more who had made reservations and had to cancel at the last minute. We were really disappointed because we look forward to seeing them every year. We had folks from ten states. Those attending were: David L. Shockey, Hot Springs, AR., Les and Naomi Shockey, Sandyville, WV., John Edward Shockey and Marilyn, Potomac, MD., Bud Roseberry, Idaho Falls, ID., Linda Emmons, Belton, MO., Donald E. Shockey, Lenexa, KS., Glen & Virginia Shockey, Greencastle, PA., Paul Browne, Mt. Airy, MD., Marie Shockey, Berkeley Springs, WV., Ralph Shockey, Frederick, MD., Leonard & Mavis Shockey, Ardmore, OK., Kent & Vicki Vandevender, Shenandoah, VA., Lorion Wimp Shockey, Belington, WV., John Landon Shockey, Fayetteville, AR., John L. & Betty Shockey, Lonsdale, AR., Jade Shockey, El Dorado, AR., Carol Shockey, Harlem, GA., Charlotte McLaughlin, Harlem, GA., Bonnie Tennant, Grovetown, GA., Mr.& Mrs Mauri Shockey, Henrico, VA., Brian Shockey & Catherine Rinaldi, Frederick, MD., William & Vanessa Shockey & Mickayla, Mt. Airy, MD., Isaac and Diane Luttrell, Gore, VA., Scott Luttrell, Stephenson, VA., John Gregory, Shockeysville, VA.

      On Saturday, Les took a group on the Oakland/Shockeysville Tour and on Monday he led the group on the Maryland/Pennsylvania Tour. There were Services at the church and lunch on Sunday. Everything went along on schedule until we were leaving on Monday. Les had already left with the tour and I was getting ready to leave. I saw Bud walking in the parking lot and he looked really ill. Naomi kept after him to go to the emergency room and finally he agreed to go to the Urgent Care center. It did not take them long to tell him to go to the emergency room. They called an ambulance for him as they would not let him drive. They found that he had had a heart attack and it had done some serious damage to his heart. His blood pressure and blood sugar were so high that they had to get that under control before they could do surgery. That took a week. When Les got back from the tour, he went and got Bud's truck and parked it in a safer place so the crooks and criminals could not get at it so easily. He and Naomi had to go home, so that left Bud there alone.

      In the meantime, I had gone home, got Ralph to unload my car, took him home one and a half hours each way and when I got home, I was sick too. I had a headache, sinus infection, ear infection, sore throat and a terrible cough. I was in no condition to be there for Bud. I called my son, David, to give him all of the bad news. He decided that I needed help and Bud needed help so he drove the 10 hour trip from Kentucky to my house. That was Thursday. He went to check on Bud, got his important things out of the truck and brought them here so that when he was able to have his computer and other items, I could take them to him. David stayed until after Bud had surgery on Monday and talked to him in ICU. When Bud was able to leave the hospital, there was no rehab available so Les and his brother, Gene, came up here, took Bud and his truck home with him and he and Naomi took care of him for 2 or 3 weeks until he was able to travel. Bud's son flew in from Idaho and drove the truck to take him home.

      It is a blessing that all this happened in Winchester. The hospital and surgeons are excellent and if Bud had started home he never would have made it. He was more than 2,000 miles from home, but he had Les and Naomi Shockey, me, David Shockey, Paul Browne and Glen and Virginia Shockey from Pennsylvania to visit him. Naomi had called the hospital daily for his progress report and Les put it on line to keep us informed. He says he is doing just fine now. Of course he has had to make some lifestyle changes.

      I do thank all of you for your letters, cards, phone calls, donations and articles for the newsletter. If we have to put it on line from now on, we still need articles of interest and donations to the general fund and dues. We usually have to pay for the meeting room at the reunions and there are taxes and a yearly fee since we are incorporated. There are other miscellaneous expenses that come up that are clearly the responsibility of the Shockey Family Fellowship. Send dues and donations to the Treasurer or you can send them to me and I will see that she gets them.

      Your donations paid a huge amount of the newsletter expense last year. The Bulk Mail permit was $190.00, printing 1300 newsletters was $1,543.36. I mailed 1242 newsletters at a cost of $721.61. The total cost was $2,482.94. Donations were $1,623.50 leaving a balance due of $869.44. I also paid $220.00 for the meeting room leaving a total due of $1,089.

       Shockeysville Church seems to be doing OK. We have missed having services 6 Sundays already this year due to snow or ice. I hope the people make up the tithes that they owe when they come back. I don't know of any projects that Scott has in mind, but when he has time off from work, he will think of something.

       Rev. Isaac still picks up donated food and distributes it to needy families and charitable organizations. My car gets loaded to the top with food for the Berkeley Springs Soup Kitchen. We never had a soup kitchen in this little town until about 8 years ago. When we first opened, we would have 25 or 30 people coming in. Now we serve 200 hundred or more every night that we are open. It is a shame that a nice little town like this has so many hungry people. Isaac wrecked his van (totaled it) one day this past year. He had a few scrapes, scratches, bruises and abrasions, but he walked away from it. It was not his fault. By the next Sunday, he had a van that was donated and I know of one or two others that were offered at no charge. A lot of people would go hungry if it were not for his "Blessing Bus".

       I am short on news articles this year, so let that be a word to the wise, send me some for next year.

Reunion Tidbits:

      Don't forget your Reunion t-shirt. I plan to have more of them in case you forgot yours or if someone wants to purchase one. I try to have a full range of sizes available.

       If you have new genealogy information that needs to be added to the database, bring it along and pictures too. If you have never attended one of the reunions, you may need to bring what family information that you have so that we can connect you to your ancestors. Give some thought to taking part in the DNA project. It has been a wonderful help.


       It is no wonder that the Postal Service is in financial trouble. Last year I mailed the Newsletters during the last week of March. I requested address changes which cost 50 cents each and usually are all in by the last of June. I received one during the second week of April of this year. Where had it been for the past 13 months?


       In 2012 I celebrated my 90th birthday. I intended it to be just another ordinary day. That is not the way it happened.

      While David was here checking on Bud, he had lunch with my niece, Bonnie Kilby and her husband, Jack. They decided to plan a surprise birthday party for me. They had about three months to get it all together. They did a super job! They got 54 family and friends together for a lovely luncheon. My two brothers and two sisters were there, all of my nieces and nephews except one that was ill, all of my grandchildren except one that is in China and one serving in Afghanistan, and one great grandchild. Three of my great grandchildren are in China with their parents. Two of my cousins were there, one from each side of the family.

      Among the friends attending were Les and Naomi Shockey, Glen and Virginia Shockey, Monica Reisinger who does my hair every week, Lee Anna McCoy who went on a cruise with me and and on some Bus Trips, Louise Parks who was my 'travel buddy' on most of the Bus trips, Sharon Rankin who calls me every night around 10:00 to make sure I am OK. Sharon, Louise and I have been members of Homemakers Club for years and we have worked the Soup Kitchen for several years. Also attending was Iden Elsea, a schoolmate from the one-room school we attended through 7th grade. It is hard to believe that all of those people knew this for months and nobody 'spilled the beans'. I wish there had been more time to visit with each one. My nephew, Hank Webb did a video of my life put to music. They had pictures that I had forgotten ever existed. Someone had the cake made using my mother's recipe. It is difficult to imagine the amount of thought and planning that went into this. It was perfect! This event ranks right up there among the most wonderful days of my life.

Blowing out the candles!!


      Dornick Hills Country Club was the setting for the May 27th wedding of Celeah Shockey and Steven Neiman. Dr. Leonard Shockey performed the ceremony. Music was presented by Brian and Tyler Shockey. The Country Club was decorated with purple, grey and cream colors accented with coral. It was vintage chic theme with lace mason jar candles and chandeliers.

      The bride wore an Allure gown in mermaid style with a trumpet skirt, empire waist and appliqued beaded embroidery lace.

      Parents of the couple are Dr. and Mrs Brian Shockey, Ardmore; and Rocky Neiman, Arlington, Texas; and Susan Simon, Alvarado, Texas.

      Grandparents are Dr. and Mrs Leonard Shockey, Ardmore; James Mangum, Crescent; Mr. and Mrs Keith Mackey; Edmond, Mr. and Mrs Stanley Neiman, Keene, Texas; Bill Esquilla, Southlake, Texas; and Sherrill Esquilla, Alvarado, Texas.

      Honor attendants were Tianna Shockey, Ardmore; and Ricky Neiman, Burleson, Texas. Other members of the wedding party were Amber Munda, Lauren Petty, Shayla Simon, Jon Gillin, Austin Loignon and Alayna and Emma Simon.

       The couple spent their honeymoon in Cozumel. They live in Keene, Texas.


       I am really sorry that we have had so much trouble getting the newsletter out this year. I certainly hope we have better results next year.

SHOCKEY Email List

      The Shockey Email list is still located on the server. The address to send an item is:

      To subscribe or unsubscribe from the mail list, send the request to

      We now have 103 subscribers on the email list. Other addresses have either gone bad and a new address was not been subscribed or their research questions were answered.


David F. Shockey, President, 4 Oakwood Ct., Rineyville, KY 40162 Phone:270-737-7119

Gerald D. Shockey, Vice President 5406 Kara Lane, Parker, TX 75002 Phone: 214-442-1892

Donna J. Porter, Treasurer 1840 S. Wolcott Ct., Denver, CO 80219 Phone: 303-922-8856

Donna P. Shockey, Secretary 4 Oakwood Ct., Rineyville, KY 40162 Phone: 270-737-7119

Lesley L. Shockey, Computer Genealogist/Newsletter Editor 516 Independence Rd., Sandyville, WV 25275 Phone 304-273-3525

James "Bud" Roseberry Computer Genealogist 2255 Cabellaro Drive, Idaho Falls, ID 84306

Marie F. Shockey, Newsletter Editor/Genealogist 928 Ruppenthal Road, Berkeley Springs WV 25411 Phone : 304-258-5616

David L. Shockey, Chaplain 447 Bull Bayou Rd., Hot Springs, AR. 71913 Phone: 501-767-3977

Scott Luttrell, Church Treasurer/State Representative 912 Old Charlestown Road, Stephenson, VA 22656 Phone: 540-931-2379

John L. Shockey 3001 Angling Creek Dr., Lonsdale, AZ 72087

Ralph N. Shockey 128 Willowdale Dr., Apt 11, Frederick, Md. 21702 Phone: 301-305-2338

William Shockey 907 Horizon Rd., Mount Airy, MD 21771 Phone: 301-407-8741

Clifford Hill 2321 Westminster St., Wheaton, IL. 60189 Phone: 630-665-8997

You may contact any of us at any time. We will answer your questions or direct you to someone who can.




SUNDAY, JULY 8, 2012

Board Members Present:

Marie F. Shockey, Director, Genealogist, Newsletter Editor (West Virginia)

Lesley "Les" Shockey, Director, Assistant Newsletter Editor, Computer Genealogist (West Virginia)

James "Bud" Roseberry, Director, Computer Genealogist (Idaho)

David L. Shockey, Chaplain, Director (Arkansas)

John Lewis Shockey, Director (Arkansas)

Scott Luttrell, Director, State Representative (Virginia)

William "Bill" Shockey, Director (Maryland)

Ralph N. Shockey, Jr., Director (Maryland)

Board Members Absent:

David F. Shockey, President (Kentucky)

Gerald Shockey, Vice President, Computer Genealogist (Texas)

Donna P. Shockey, Secretary (Kentucky)

Donna J. Porter, Treasurer (Colorado)

Les Shockey called the meeting to order in the absence of the President, David F. Shockey.

David L. Shockey, Chaplain, led the opening prayer. Those in attendance said the Pledge of Allegiance.

David then read the memoriam for the Shockey cousins who had passed on during the past year.

Those in attendance introduced themselves and told where they were from. States represented were West Virginia, Ohio, Oklahoma, Georgia, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Idaho, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Minutes of the 2011 meeting were read. Motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the minutes as read.

Newsletter Report: Marie Shockey presented the Newsletter Report. Cost for the Bulk Permit was $190.00. Cost for mailing the newsletters was $2,482.94; donations received were $1,623.50, with a balance due to Marie of $869.44. Motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the Newsletter Report and to reimburse Marie $869.44.

Financial Report: Beginning balance was $2,421.44. Income received was: Dues: $445.00, General Fund: $470.00 Newsletter Donation: $70.00; Church: $75.00 Total Balance of $3,481.44. Total Expenses were: $2,189.21 with an Ending Balance of $1,292.23. Motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the Treasurer's Report.

Genealogy Report: Les reported 20,276 people are in the data base. The $200.00 donations for DNA were not used this year. Thirty one folks have been DNA tested, with 4 being women. Bud reported that he is still working on rebuilding his pedigree file (data base). Motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the Genealogy Report.

Church Report: Scott Luttrell presented the Church Report. Repairs have been done on the shelters. Will bury the electric cable from the church to the shelters. $34,000 in account for care of the church and cemetery. The average attendance at church is 12 people. Volunteers help with the mowing. Motion made, seconded, and approved to accept the Church Report.

Old Business: Plans are for the reunion to be at the Biltmore Hotel, Oklahoma City, July 4-7, 2013.

New Business:
David L. Shockey (Arkansas) has been approved and has accepted the position of the Chaplain.
There was a discussion on adding a new member to the Board of Directors, with action being postponed until 2013
We will need to consider a location for the 2015 reunion.
Thanks to Bill and Brian Shockey for catering the lunch. Also thanks to Helen Lambert for taking notes in the absence of the Secretary.

SHOCKEY Genealogy Updates from here.

By:  Lesley Shockey

      It is time to start planning for the 2013 SHOCKEY Family Reunion. This year we will be gathering in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with John L Shockey hosting the event. Marie has the complete details for you to make your reservations in her article.

      There were several events or happening that has resulted in my plans and schedule to change and left me with very little time to call my own. At the end of the reunion two of our Shockey family members ended up at the Winchester Medical Center. Both James 'Bud' Roseberry and Lamar Kent 'Mauri' Shockey ended up at the Emergency Room of the facility with heart problems. Both caused a major scare to those of us who were aware of the situations at the time. Mauri was able to continue home shortly but Heather may have had to drive him. With the many other events that have occurred, I do not remember for sure. Bud was another matter. He was there for an extended stay. Finally he was released on July 26th. My brother “Gene” and I drove over to get Bud and his truck. We thought that he would be kicked out to the curb by noon only to find out that he would not be released until he was fitted with his 'man bra' or 'life vest' and so he did not get out until after 6:30 that evening. We then stopped and had dinner near Berkeley Springs with Marie. The rain started before we left Berkeley Springs and was very heavy at times making for a difficult job driving home.

      Bud stayed with Naomi and I until he was well enough to be released by the doctors at Winchester Medical Center. His son then flew in to the Charleston airport where we picked him up. That only took two trips to Charleston as Bud thought that he was on the flight one day earlier that what he had booked. After returning to Sandyville he then drove Bud back to Winchester.

      Shortly thereafter that a group of us Century Aluminum Retirees started planning and preparing for a trip to Hawesville Kentucky to visit the Century Aluminum plant there and attend their Health Fair that was open to the public. We took a 15 foot tall inflatable 'Fat Cat' along with 20 wooden crosses to represent our co-workers that had passed away since Century Aluminum stole our earned health insurance benefits. We were very well received and many were glad to know how the company truly felt about health care after one spends forty some years working at the aluminum plant.

      While on the above trip I was nominated to be the next president of the local S.O.A.R. Chapter. This is an organization of the retiree and their family of both the Fabrication and Reduction plants. At the November meeting I was then elected to serve for the following four years.

      Also during November my computer started issuing a warning that there was a problem with my hard drive and that I needed to make a backup of my files and operating system. Thirty two attempts to make a backup failed before one showed successful. It turned out that it was not a good backup and now the old hard drive was not accessible. Most of my monthly or quarterly backups of files were good but there were a few exceptions. The one that bothered me the most was the loss of eleven months of saved email. This included some genealogy files that had been sent to me that I was planning on working on during the cold winter months. I have since learned that a few photos and some files were not saved properly or did not transfer to the new hard drive the way they should.

      Starting the first week of January was when things really turned bad for us. Naomi went to Quik-Care on January 5th with bad back pain. X-rays were taken and a spot was found on her lungs. CT Scans were then scheduled at Pleasant Valley Hospital. The next day our family doctor’s nurse called at 7:45 a.m. asking if we had heard from Dr. Blackburn, the doctor who had scheduled the CT Scan. When told no, she said that Naomi needed to get to Point Pleasant as quick as possible to see Dr. Serfontein as the news was not good, terminal cancer that could not be operated on. She has two more CT Scan, one in Marietta, OH and the other in Huntington, WV, two lung biopsies, one full body PET Scan and a MRI. She started Chemo and Radiation treatments March 18th. This means a great deal of travel for us for the following seven weeks as it is 88 miles each way to Huntington but getting her the best care possible is the most important thing. She will spend three nights with her son in Gallipolis Ferry, WV to lessen the travel that she requires but I will be returning home to feed and keep things going at home.

      She completed the first week of treatments and did remarkably well but then had to miss the sixth Chemo treatment due to blood work values. She did not experienced any sickness for the first several weeks of treatment and had actually regained a little of the weight that she had lost. She has now completed the second round of Chemo and has only seven more Radiation treatments to go for now. It will be three months before we know the results. All the prayers are sure helping her deal with this and she is very grateful for each of you that have been praying for her. She is weak but in good spirits even after learning that her left vocal cord was paralyzed but her voice is slowly coming back.


By:  Lesley Shockey

      The SHOCKEY DNA Project is part of the Family Tree DNA. Descendants who carry the bloodlines from John Christopher Shockey belong to Haplogroup Q (most likely Q1b1a subclade) which is quite rare in comparison to other groups. We now have thirty four members in the Shockey DNA Project. Of these, twenty six men have their DNA tested and eighteen are males with either the Shockey surname or persons who match the Shockey DNA. There are five ladies who were born with the Shockey surname and have taken part in the mtDNA testing. There are nine in the group that have taken advantage of the Family Finder test, eight men and one lady. With all the women who had ask about this test to prove their Shockey ancestry and to determine which line they belong to, I was expecting many to take advantage of this test once it was in operation.

      I am the only family member to take advantage of the Y-DNA 111 marker test. We do have twenty four who have tested the Y-DNA 67 marker test. Due to a change in the Deep Clade testing, they now only consider one to have taken the test instead of the six that was listed for the Deep Clade test before. They do still show five of us with true sub-clade of Q1b1 or Q1b1a.

      In mid-February 2012 I received an email from Dick Shawkey stating that he going to Europe in March and was taking a DNA kit for his friend Wolfgang Hans Schacke who is from Frankfurt but currently works in Switzerland. The results for Wolfgang shows that his SCHACKE line is not related to our SCHACKE line.

      You can become a member of the SHOCKEY DNA Project by sending me an e-mail requesting the form link and I will email you a message with a clickable link, or you can visit the FamilyTreeDNA page and enter the Shockey surname:

      My e-mail address is

      The cost of the various DNA tests continues to drop as more people join the testing. Details of the test kit can be seen on the following page:

      Much more can be learned about the tests at:

Sponaugle-Godfrey Marriage

      Bill and Lisa Sponaugle announce the engagement of their daughter, Molly Sponaugle, to Logan Godfrey, son of Patrick and Teresa Godfrey.

      The bride-to-be is the granddaughter of Elmer and the late Kathryn Sponaugle of Franklin, and Sterle and Joy Lambert of Upper Tract. She is a 2005 graduate of Pendleton County High School and a 2009 graduate of West Virginia University.

      The prospective bridegroom is the grandson of Don and Patty Godfrey of Parkersburg and James and the late Mary Shockey of Dailey. He is a 2005 graduate of Pendleton County High School and a 2009 graduate of West Virginia University. - Parkersburg, WV. - December 24, 2012

Molly Sponaugle and Logan Godfrey


      Lois and Mark Clendenin proudly announce the birth of the newest addition to their family. Joining sons Nolan and Dylan as well as sister Logan is another sister. Reagan Noel Clendenin was born January 31, 2013 at 2:46pm, weighing in at 7 lb. and 11 oz. and measuring 19 inches.

      Lois is the daughter of Les Shockey. Many of you met Lois when she and the family attended the last Shockey Family Reunion held at Mineral Wells, WV.

      It is very hard to determine who is the proudest of this new member of the family.